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Introduction to A Cutting Edge Glass of Las Vegas, Nevada

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Welcome to A Cutting Edge Glass & Mirror! We’re Las Vegas, Nevada’s #1 glass and security screen specialist. You’ve arrived here at our glass shower door portfolio and idea gallery. Our goal with this site is to help you decide on a style that suits your unique bathroom design. Please take a look around and make sure to visit our past work portfolio as well as our idea book. Let’s face it, you can’t decide on what you like until you know what’s available.

Once you’ve decided on a particular design, you can go ahead and schedule a free in-home consultation with us. Our professionals are here to help, even if it’s simply by answering all the questions you might have.

Below we’ve included some literature that will assist you in choosing the right custom glass shower door for your bathroom. If you’re working with anĀ  architect or builder, they will also be a great resource when it comes to choosing your shower door.

Where do I start When Choosing A Custom Glass Shower Door Enclosure?

Here we will walk you through some of the common things to consider when purchasing a glass shower door for your home. We will be touching on things such as privacy, aesthetics and overall functionality of your shower door. Our intention is to help you consider as much as possible before deciding and before it’s actually installed. There’s nothing worse than forgetting a minor detail that could have been taken care of easily before it was installed.

  • 1. Do you want privacy while using your shower? Considering privacy and aesthetic options when choosing a glass shower door. (Click Here)

    Privacy is a major topic of discussion when considering a custom glass shower door for your bathroom. Your bathroom is a private area and usually only your significant other or young children would have access to this area while showering. This is usually a very straight forward and easy decision based on what type of family you have. Their are privacy options available to you though.

    Opaque Glass: Opaque privacy glass as well as frosted shower doors are perfect for both aesthetics and functionality and can create the perfect balance between elegance & style, while allowing you the desired privacy you want. View some of the opaque style glass we have available in our opaque glass design gallery.

    Etched Glass: With etched glass you have an almost unlimited range of brilliant design options available. Allowing for just the right amount of privacy. Etched glass shower doors look amazing whether you choose simple accents or a complete surface design. The contrast between the frosted design and the clear glass are truly astonishing and can give your bathroom another level of design customization. The best part of etching is that we can literally etch almost anything you want into your glass shower doors.

    Texture Patterned Glass: Patterned glass brings a whole new dimension to your glass shower doors. Due to the process of manufacturing this type of textured or beveled glass its pattern availability is limited compared to some of our other stylistic choices. Texture patterned glass allows for a reasonable amount of privacy and will truly look amazing when used as a shower door. View our textured glass patterns now!

    Silk-screen Printed Pattern Glass: Silk-screen (painted) print patterned or decorative glass is an excellent solution for adding just the right amount of beauty through design while giving you the added privacy you desire. With silk-screen printed designer glass you have a huge selection of unique designs available at varying hues and tints. Speak with A Cutting Edge Glass & Mirror representative or visit our silk-screen glass design section.

    Smart Glass: It’s truly amazing and will allow for you to have privacy when you need it and none when you don’t. Imagine being able to control the tint of your shower door with a remote control that’s similar to your T.V. remote. Yes, we can do that here at A Cutting Edge Glass! You can also choose between aesthetic patterns and you’re even able to animate those patterns. Smart Glass also enables you to control the opacity of the tint, from light to solid you can have total privacy through the tint density. This option is available to you. When it comes to customization we have you covered.

    You can also speak with A Cutting Edge Glass representative in order to schedule an in-home design consultation. Our professionals will be able to convey all the design and privacy options that are available to you. A Cutting Edge Glass is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured within Las Vegas, Nevada. We’re here to help you so give us a call today!

  • 2. Do you want your glass shower door to have a frame or a frame-less system? (Click Here)

    Frame-less shower doors are an elegant and innovative design solution. Their usually custom and add a more modern design flair that frame systems simply don’t do. Another aspect to consider is that you’re not going to be limited to mass-produced standard systems found at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s. With this in mind you can safely estimate the cost of the glass shower door to be a bit more costly when considering your build budget as it’s usually going to need a custom installation as well. With cost aside the end result will look much cleaner and give you more contemporary look for your bathroom build.

    While frame-less shower doors excel in aesthetics in can sometimes fall short in functionality. While standard framed shower doors use seals in between glass pieces, a frame-less system does not. The glass quite literally must be cut perfect to prevent water from leaking out. Luckily, the professionals here at A Cutting Edge Glass cut to perfection. We thoroughly plan out each design to ultimately eliminate this issue all together. It really just comes down to planning, design, and execution of the project in a professional manner. Frame-less systems can also reduce mold build up and mildew by reducing the areas where water can build up. All in all there are pro’s and con’s to either system you decide to go with. One thing you can be sure of is that regardless of which system you choose A Cutting Edge Glass is going to make sure your end product is designed, manufactured, and installed in a professional manner.

  • 3. Do you want a steam shower or standard shower? (Click Here)

    To steam, or not to steam? That is one question you’ll want to decide on. A Cutting Edge Glass & Mirror has glass enclosure doors for custom steam shower systems. Obviously a steam shower will need to be planned out and you will need to keep in mind that steam gets much hotter and permeates more than water does, it requires a lot more planning and a much more precise shower installation. As long as you have your steam shower system in place, we have beautiful and functional glass shower doors for you.

  • 4. Are you looking for swing door or a sliding door?

    When deciding on whether or not you want a sliding door or a swinging shower door you’ll definitely want to consider your area. Do you have enough space for swinging door? Would a swinging door or a slider be more functional within your bathroom? You’ll want to consider all of these variables when deciding. After you’ve set-up an in-home consultation. We’ll have one of our professionals come out and make a recommendation as to which system would be ideal for your bathroom/s layout. We recommend you have a professional out to inspect and measure your project. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

  • 5. What kind of handle is right for you?
    A Cutting Edge Glass & Mirror is your source for beautiful custom shower door handles. We have a huge selection of unique and elegant shower door handles for your custom bathroom project. Visit our handle section to browse some of the many styles we carry.